About Me

I teach and publish at the intersections of European philosophy, Christian and Islamic theologies, and environmental studies. Currently I am Associate Professor in the Department of Religion & Theology at La Salle University, where I served as Acting Chair in 2017-18 and as the first Program Director for La Salle’s new First-Year Seminar program from 2018-19. I completed my undergraduate degree at DePaul University in Philosophy (2005) and took my MA in Philosophical Theology (2007) and subsequent PhD (2011) at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. Prior to my appointment at La Salle I was a Research Fellow at the Institute for Nature and Culture at DePaul University.

At La Salle I teach in the history of religious thought and practice as well as in the Freshman Academic Seminar program and the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. Details about specific courses, including syllabi, can be found on the Teaching page.

I have published widely on European philosophy, the philosophy of religion, and in the environmental humanities. My most recent book is an introduction to the work of French philosopher François Laruelle. In that book I position Laruelle’s work in relation to important work being done outside of the bounds of academic philosophy. In addition to my own research I have translated and co-translated a number of Laruelle’s books, I recently completed a translation of Christian Jambet’s 1990 The Great Resurrection of Alamut: Forms of Liberty in Ismaili Shi’ism, and am completing a translation of Malcom Ferdinand’s award winning Une écologie décoloniale. Penser l’écologie depuis le monde caribéen. For those interested in my work and future directions for my teaching and research, I discuss both in this recent interview. A complete list of my publications, including links to open access versions and drafts, are available on the Publications page.

If you are interested in an article or chapter that you cannot access here or are interested in having me speak to your organization, please contact me through the Contact tab or via my La Salle email. You can also look at the Updates page to check for new articles, audio/video of lectures, or any other new materials.